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OptiGrafix Circular Polarizer Films (CPF) are a combination of Linear Polarizer and our QW or QWEP quarter wave retardation films. Our CPF are used to improve display visibility through contrast enhancement and glare reduction, allowing a range of different type of displays to be used in bright ambient light settings. OptiGrafix CPF is ideal for improving the viewability for Electro Luminescent (EL), Plasma (PDP), Field Emissive Displays (FDP), Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays. For excellent reflection suppression product for most instruments and displays, OptiGrafix Circular Polarizer Films are the answer!

Grafix Plastics is a manufacturer of high quality quarter wave retarder film. We do not manufacture linear polarizer. Our CPFs are produced by laminating our retarder film to other manufacturers' linear polarizer. Therefore Grafix Plastics can offer a range of products and services related to circular polarizers:

OptiGrafix CPF Features

  • Thin Construction: .014"/350um
  • Uniform Birefringence Layer
  • Commercially Available (call for available sizes)
  • Custom Cutting Available
  • Die Cutting Available Upon Request

How Circular Polarizer Film Works

Improved viewing and contrast is achieved through the CPF cancelling out bright ambient light that is reflected off the surface of the display. The CPF achieves this effect through its multilayer construction. Bright unpolarized ambient light passes through the linear polarizer layer, thus turning into horizontal oriented light. As this light passes through the quarter wave layer, it becomes circularly polarized, spinning into the display surface. As the light is reflected off the surface of the display it is now spinning in the opposite direction. This reverse spinning light becomes linearly polarized again but its orientation is now 90 degrees different than the transmission axis of the linear polarizer. Because of its orientation the linear polarizer absorbs this reflected light, and cancels it out so it is not observed by the view.


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